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Schedule of events-

The schedule of events varies widely for every study. This is the schedule of events for this particular study. It is given so that others that may be participating in a future study can obtain an idea of what occurs in a typical study.

Construction Concept Level 4-day Value Study

At this point, the actual study is initiated, with site visits to the process facility and other issues involved.

Timing Feature Participation
8 AM Tuesday, March 2, 2004 Initial meeting - introductions of team, what will be occuring throughout the week, housekeeping issues, and key points of the schedule Full time and part time members
9 AM Tues Initial briefing - a general introduction of the value study team to the project and its current design and issues Design team, management, and all value study team members
10:30 AM Tues Initial ideas sheet listing and review issues All present in the initial briefing
11:00 AM Tues Criteria and Limits discussions and reviews all value study team members and client
11:30 AM Tues Components and costs discussion, creation of Pareto, and identification of Pareto criteria points all value study team members
1:00 PM Tues Function Analysis and Function Logic - miniture FAST diagrams of the issues and items identified in Pareto and other schemes; including identification of focus points all value study team members
2:00 PM Tues Final FAST operations, determinations of basic and higher order functions, and final selection of focus points all value study team members
2:15 PM Tues Focused Brainstorming all value study team members
3:45 PM Tues Days end closure meeting (early adjornment due to location issues) all value study team members
8:30 AM Wednesday, March 3, 2004 Affinity concept collection and refinement, initial PADDI sheets all value study team members
10:30 AM Wed Analysis Phase processes all value study team members
11 AM Wed Champion assignments, discussion of next steps and materials all value study team members
11:15 AM Wed Client review of analysis and proposed development issues client
1 PM Wed Discussion with client of questions to be resolved for clarification purposes all value study team members, and client
3 PM Wed First team status meeting, closure is discussion of reporting details all value study team members
10 AM Thursday, March 4, 2004 Second team status meeting all value study team members
1:30 PM Thurs Third team status meeting, all value study team members
2 PM Thurs Design / activity team prebriefing value study team, client rep, and design team
3 PM Thurs Documentation discussion review all value study team members
11 AM Friday, March 5, 2004 Document gathering final review, closure is sending it to printing and binding value study team members
11:15 AM Fri Presentation documents review and modifications value study team members
1 PM Fri Presentation dry run value study team members
2 PM Fri Presentation to the design team, client, and all interested all interested parties
4 PM Fri Value study team closure meeting value study team members
COB Wed, March 10, 2004 Deadline for comments all interested parties
COB, Fri, March 12, 2004 Deadline for team response inclusion value study team members
COB, Fri, March 19, 2004 Final report issued SAMI VE LLC


This schedule is typical of a value study that includes a final report and is construction related at the 20-40% design stage (concept). Variations should be expected due to variations in projects, teams, complexity of operations, and other issues.

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