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Welcome to the photos and document information for the March 2004 USFWS value study of the black-footed ferret breeding building (reports and other items up one level).

This information is provided to assist future teams in seeing the process and how it is performed. Some of the information shown is proprietary and cannot be shown to others. It is the responsibility of the viewing person to keep the information private.

The study-

The team examined the breeding building and its nearby support access and septic system. The team generated about $290,000 in instant savings, and $100,000 per year, in life cycle cost over the expected activity use life for the facility).

  • A management charge was to look at means to reduce long term costs to assist in yearly budgeting
  • A further charge was to generate the maximum results (benefits) within the budgeted amount.

This study was conducted in accordance with DOI value engineering requirements and fully met the intent and requirements of PL 104-106, OMB A-131, and DOI/FWS VE requirements.

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  1. This series is only provided for clients with multiple studies and is provided to assist secondary and/or other studies. Multiple study clients will find that this information is changed or augmented as the additional studies are performed (subject to contract options).
  2. This series uses teaching language which may not perfectly match actual operations. The purpose of this series is to take client data, show it, and then demonstrate the process to future study participants, with the idea that future participants will benefit, and the data is proprietary. (Classes show similar, but contracts rarely include classes prior to a facilitated study.)

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